Repeat Offenders, a San Francisco Band

I was the keyboard player in several SF bands in the ’80s. Repeat Offenders was the only one that I was in on right from the beginning, along with Cary Tennis and Vicci Wong. When I got back from my year studying a Firenze (in Florence) my first band, the Dickheads—sorry, that really was our name—had replaced me with a second guitarist so I had to start over. What to do? First, I started teaching classical piano as my “day job” both on my own and through a Catholic school out in the Sunset. Next, I wanted to play in a band again. Naturally, there being no Internet at the time, I put up flyers looking for other souls with whom to start a band. Cary was a songwriter / guitarist and Vicci had an awesome voice. For some reason, none of the rhythm section guys (that’s bass and drums) actually stuck around for the entire life of the band, but our last bassist, Michael Wineke ended up sticking with me and we eventually married. He’s still here.


2 Responses to “Home”

  1. Mia Villanueva November 7, 2015 at 6:57 am #

    Hi Susan! This is Mia one of your former students in the burbs, San Mateo to be exact. My sister Ginger found this blog today. So cool! I held on to my 1986 pop song book forever and still attempt to play OMD and Whitney Houston every time I’m near a piano. The story of my mom buying my RO “My mother taught me masochism” button off me for $1 is a family classic. Hope you’re well!

    • repeatoffenderssf November 11, 2015 at 12:18 am #

      So nice to hear from you Mia. I’m glad you’re still playing the piano. Our guitarist, Cary Tennis and his wife Norma, just moved to Italy so there’s little hope the band will ever get back together. But we’re all still friends.

      I’m not much of a blogger so there haven’t been many updates, but maybe you’ll inspire me.

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